Vault Setup

Creating a vault

1. Create an account by downloading the Gridlock app from the Google Play or Apple App store.
2. Once downloaded, enter your details to get started.
    Your email is required to confirm your account. Once set up, you will receive a confirmation email to authenticate your login credentials.
    Only one account may be used per device. This ensures the Guardian system remains secure and online when needed.
3. The Guardians page is where you select the Guardian nodes used to protect your account.
Gridlock holds 2 nodes for your own security and ease of access, whilst you hold one.
2 friends must be added to complete your 5 Guardian nodes. With all 5 nodes online you can access your vault.
All you need to do is send the setup link to your Guardians or show them the unique QR code generated. The link directs them to download or open the Gridlock app and automatically adds them as a Guardian. Easy!
These 2 external nodes will be online as long as your Guardians' devices are on. If you need to recover your account, 3 nodes are required to regenerate your key.
You can also see whose vaults you are protecting under the Protecting tab.
4. With 5 Guardians set up, you can now begin storing Ethereum (ETH) with our secure vault system.
To transfer ETH, enter a destination address and amount and click send. Click here to learn what happens behind the scenes
The recipient needs to share their QR code in person or share their destination address with the sender. The transaction will then be complete and viewable in the Transactions tab.
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