Created via proxy
What does "created via proxy" mean?β€Œ
Proxy wallet creation is the temporary use of Gridlock nodes to act on behalf of guardian nodes. We are still committed to a decentralized system and never want control of your assets. Please continue reading to learn how we are approaching this.
Why is this done?β€Œ
The first thing to know is that creating a distributed cryptocurrency wallet is complicated and becomes even more difficult when fighting Google and Apple operating systems. So, in order to release a product that works all the time, we use proxy nodes for times when all nodes are unavailable. β€Œ
The creation of the wallet is the one time where all nodes must be online and responsive. This is usually fine since mobile devices are online most of the time, but it gets complicated when you are actively using your device. For example, let's say one of your guardians is deep into a YouTube video; there's a good chance that their phone will not respond to a Gridlock request due to the priority of their current app (video playback). After multiple attempts at wallet creation, we fall back to a temporary Gridlock node to create the wallet.
Won't this give you enough shares for full control?β€Œ
Yes, and that's never what we want. To fix this, we remove proxied guardian information as soon as wallet generation is complete. Immediately after creation, we encrypt the Guardian information with the public key of the Guardian. This encryption makes it impossible for anyone other than the chosen Guardian to use the key share, including us. Once the Guardian is back online, we deliver the generated information, and your wallet is safe and fully distributed. β€Œ
This isn't ideal, but it's the best solution until large centralized companies stop restricting app developers.
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