Design Principles
Our commitments translate into our four pillars of design to make the best product possible:
This is our biggest focus. Gridlock is security β€” if our product is not secure then it doesn't exist. We take this very seriously and consider the implication of everything we do.
When we say control, we mean YOU have control, not us! What's the point in having the strongest security in the world if the providers of that security can take away your life savings in an instant? It's not fair, it's not right, and it's not secure. Our security ensures you are the only one with control over your assets.
We believe cryptocurrency storage should not only be secure but also easy to use. A wallet that is confusing and difficult to manage will not only be off-putting but will ultimately be more susceptible to error.
Privacy is a basic human right. You shouldn't lose your privacy when you leave your home and you shouldn't lose your privacy when engaging with tech companies. Blockchain technology has world-changing potential, but privacy is one thing that's lacking. Our technology revolutionises blockchain by ensuring that all data is processed and encrypted in a secure space.
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