Protect Your Crypto With Guardians

What are Guardians?

Guardians are the ultimate answer to securing your crypto wallet. A Guardian is someone you invite to hold a part of your private key. Ensure your key is safe and away from the eyes of everyone, including yourself!
When you create a Gridlock wallet, you are recommended to add your Guardians. This is the most IMPORTANT thing to do. They make your key inaccessible and can even help you recover your account if you lose your phone or get a new one. Through Guardians, Gridlock has created a truly secure wallet with a decentralized account recovery method.

How do they work?

There are 5 parties which form a network to protect your wallet. These are: you (1), Gridlock (2) and your Guardians (2). Invite 2 friends as Guardians to complete your network.
Completing transactions requires 3 of these devices to be online, which is normally you and Gridlock (See more). This means the app can function without Guardians, but your wallet would be at risk. Security is the most important thing in crypto - without it, your funds are vulnerable. This is why completing Guardian setup is your first priority!

Account Recovery

Traditional recovery methods can be a huge flaw in any account system. Gridlock uses Guardians to create a system that is without a central intermediary or a seed phrase. This, alongside a number of other features, is called Social Verification.
Guardians help you get your account back when you have lost or changed your device. You can get back into your wallet by communicating with your Guardians to reach the threshold and recover your key.
Social Verification also allows for authentication of suspicious transactions, to ensure that even if someone did breach your account, they cannot walk away with your crypto.
The best part is that anyone you know can be a Guardian by simply having Gridlock installed on their phone!
Last modified 7d ago