Welcome to Gridlock. Our apps use advanced key-splitting cryptography to protect holders of cryptocurrency and 2-Factor Authentication codes with a bulletproof vault.
Our cornerstone tech, distributed key generation, is the solution to security in crypto and 2FA account recovery.


Guardians are the most important feature of Gridlock and give you a secure way to back up your account and recover it with ease. Guardians provide you with social support from the ones you trust, combined with security that has no flaws. The easiest way to imagine Guardians is they are like a self-healing network that can only help you, not harm you.
Guardians provide you protection from hackers; cover against human error; and a way to recover if you lose access. This is all conducted without the need for a central authority.
Guardians cannot access your account, see your assets, or steal your crypto!

In crypto:

Gridlock Crypto & NFT Wallet uses guardians in a system where 2 close friends hold parts your private key to prevent someone accessing your crypto wallet. This does NOT let guardians access your wallet or perform transactions! Everything happens behind the scenes and only your device has authority over your wallet.
Your device is the only one in your network with authority over your crypto. Guardians store data for you, but they cannot assemble the pieces of your private key to steal your crypto. This distributed network provides security that solves the issues of existing methods. A hacker cannot touch your wallet because they would need your device and access to your guardians' devices.
Guardians also provide permission for recovery if you lose your phone and they protect from malicious attacks. Any account action that could leave your wallet vulnerable requires permission from guardians, meaning that if someone breached your account, they cannot do anything without guardian approval.

In 2-Factor Authentication:

The need for an account is removed, but guardians still protect you. Gridlock Authenticator is the only app you need to store any 2FA codes! It makes it easy to maintain your accounts, while not sacrificing security.
Your codes are registered to your device. If you lose your device, your guardians invite you back into your network in no time at all. Gridlock Authenticator is the easiest and safest recovery method for your 2FA backups.