Welcome to Gridlock, where we prioritize your security with advanced key-splitting cryptography and a bulletproof vault. Our groundbreaking technology sets a new standard of security in crypto.

What is Gridlock?

Gridlock Crypto & NFT Wallet champions security using advanced MPC cryptography and social protection with the use of Guardians that help protect your account.

Guardians are two trusted friends who each hold a fragment of your private key, ensuring that no single party can access your crypto wallet. It's crucial to remember that Guardians cannot access your wallet or execute any transactions. The entire mechanism operates in the background, granting you exclusive control over your wallet.

Your device is the sole authority within your network that has control over your crypto assets. While Guardians retain data on your behalf, they can't put together the fragments of your private key to pilfer your crypto. This distributed network offers an exceptional security level, effectively overcoming the limitations of traditional methods. For a hacker to infiltrate your wallet, they would need access not only to your device but also your Guardians' devices.

Aside from enhancing security, Guardians also provide permission for account recovery in the event that you lose your phone. They serve as protection against malicious attacks. Any action that could potentially expose your wallet to vulnerabilities requires approval from your Guardians. This essentially means that even if someone were to breach your account, they would be unable to take any action without first obtaining guardian approval.

By incorporating Guardians into the wallet system, Gridlock ensures top-tier security and peace of mind for its users. Users can manage their crypto assets, knowing that their wallet is safeguarded against potential threats.

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