When storing cryptocurrency, you currently have two main options: a personal wallet or a third-party exchange. Both solutions have their perks, but there are fatal drawbacks which can cause you to lose everything.

A private key is a secret code that grants you access to your stored cryptocurrency. If this code is lost or stolen, there is no way of retrieving your funds. Protecting this key is the most important thing to do, but ordinary wallets and exchanges have not provided a good alternative to recover your key if you lose it. Billions of dollars worth of crypto assets have been lost or stolen in just ten years, and the problem is getting worse. This is because the current solutions are vulnerable to a single point of failure which can cause you to lose everything.

At Gridlock, we have developed a third, revolutionary option that eradicates the drawbacks associated with wallets and exchanges. By utilizing Threshold Signatures, we eliminate the single point of failure.

On top of that, we give you a level of control and privacy that is not possible with other options. Our open-source, decentralized platform provides the security and privacy you want without the stress and hassle of secure key management.

Read on to learn why Gridlock is the ultimate solution for cryptocurrency management.