All About Guardians

Guardians are a tricky concept behind the scenes, but it really is easier than it sounds for the user. Here you can find everything you need to know about Guardians, the answer to crypto security.

The Simple Version

Picture an overarching password that not only gets you into your wallet, but holds all the data or currency you own.
Now picture that password is made up of 5 smaller passwords - this already sounds more secure, right?
Each smaller password contains data but cannot be used on its own, it is effectively useless.
You keep 1 password, 2 of your friends keep a password each and the remaining 2 passwords are assigned to Gridlock virtually.
To assemble the overarching password, you only need 3 of the smaller passwords, including your one.
Anyone from outside these 5 parties cannot get access because they do not have any of the passwords. All the pieces are tied to the different devices in your network. Furthermore, your share of the password is the only one that can assemble the others.
If a password is lost or stolen, it can be replaced using the approval of the other holders and the network is complete again.
There is no way for anyone other than the user to assemble the overarching password and access the wallet.
Read on for some Guardian FAQs! Further information can be found in the app-specific pages too.