⚔️All About Guardians

Guardians are an interesting concept that makes crypto ownership incredibly safe and easy. Here's a comprehensive guide on Guardians, the secret to enhanced crypto security.

The Simple Version

Imagine a master password that not only grants access to your wallet, but also safeguards all your data or digital assets.

Now consider that this password is composed of 5 smaller parts, enhancing the security, right?

Each of these parts carries some data but cannot function independently.

You hold one part, two friends each possess another, and the remaining two parts are virtually managed by Gridlock.

To form the master password, you only need 3 of these parts, including your own. An outsider can't gain access since they don't possess any of these parts. All the parts are securely linked to different devices in your network. More importantly, your part is the only one that can amalgamate the others.

If a part gets lost or stolen, it can be substituted with the consent of the other part holders, thereby restoring the network's integrity. No one but the user can form the master password and access the wallet. Refer to the following Guardian FAQs for more details! You can also find additional information on the app-specific pages.

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