General FAQs

What is Gridlock?

Gridlock is a cutting-edge, digital asset storage system that supports all cryptocurrencies. It provides an easy, incredibly safe, and stress-free solution to managing your digital assets. With Gridlock, your assets remain protected and under your control at all times.

Is Gridlock a Cryptocurrency wallet?

Gridlock is more than a traditional wallet. Instead of storing keys on a single device, Gridlock utilizes a network of devices. Think of it as an unbreakable, distributed vault for your digital assets.

How does Gridlock ensure my assets' security?

Gridlock uses an ingenious method of splitting encryption keys into smaller pieces and distributing them across various devices. This combined protection provides unparalleled security against potential vulnerabilities. You can learn more about our advanced security mechanisms in the Tech section of our website.

Who holds my Cryptocurrency?

Only you do. Gridlock provides security measures, but never takes control of your assets.

What differentiates Gridlock from other platforms?

Unlike conventional platforms that force you to choose between control, security, and usability, Gridlock lets you retain total control while removing the risk and stress of personal management. It's an ideal combination of control, safety, and peace of mind!

Which cryptocurrencies does Gridlock support?

Gridlock supports a many different cryptocurrencies and blockchains, including all the major ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and new ones being added on a weekly basis.

Can Gridlock prevent hacking attempts?

Indeed, Gridlock makes hacking virtually impossible. A potential hacker would need access to multiple devices to assemble the private key, a scenario that's nearly impossible, and much more secure than other solutions that exist today.

What if I forget my password or lose my phone?

If such an event occurs, your Guardians can verify your identity, enabling you to quickly regain access to your account.

Can I use Gridlock to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can buy crypto directly through on onramp partners. We have plans to implement the selling of crypto to fiat currencies like USD in the near future.

Can I store Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in my Gridlock account?

Absolutely! Gridlock fully supports NFT storage, allowing you to manage all your digital assets from a single platform.

What happens to my assets if Gridlock shuts down?

Should Gridlock ever become unavailable, you are still safe and protected! The built-in Eject Feature allows you to access your crypto independently without Gridlock. This is the definition of self-custody where you are in full control!

How do I get started with Gridlock?

To get started with Gridlock, please visit the Getting Started page on our website.

What happens if a Guardian loses their device?

If a Guardian loses their device, you can securely reassign their Guardian status to a new device with the Guardian Replacement feature.

Can my Guardians access or steal my money?

No. Your cryptocurrency remains accessible exclusively from your device.

Can I use my Gridlock account on multiple devices?

Yes, but only in a β€˜read-only’ view. If you log into your account from a different device and want to make that your new primary device, you must complete the Device Migration process.

Can I become a Guardian in Gridlock?

Yes, you can become a Guardian in Gridlock upon receiving an invitation from a user.

How do I add or remove Guardians?

Guardians can be added or removed conveniently via the app. Navigate to the Guardians section in your account settings and follow the instructions.

Is my Gridlock data encrypted?

Yes, all data within Gridlock is fully encrypted to ensure your safety and privacy.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can regain access and reset it with the help of your Guardians and our recovery process.

How do I move my Gridlock network to a new phone?

You can move your Gridlock network to a new phone by following the Device Migration instructions on our website.

How do I report a problem or bug with Gridlock?

If you encounter a problem or identify a potential bug, please submit feedback in the app.

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