Gridlock ensures safe and simple crypto storage. Instead of storing it in one place, Gridlock splits and disperses it. Just ask friends to download the app, and we handle the rest.

Each friend holds small crypto pieces, yet wields no control. You remain the sole owner with complete control. Gridlock eliminates worries about losing crypto if a wallet is stolen.

No worries for friends either! Even if they lose their assigned pieces, you retain full access.

But how does it work?

Crypto wallets rely on an encryption key to access your crypto. However, losing or having that key stolen can lead to complete loss of your assets.

Gridlock takes a different approach by splitting an encryption key into pieces. When combined, they form the encryption key. You don't need all the pieces to utilize your encryption key, just a few of them. This ensures that even if someone in your network loses a piece or it is stolen, you need not worry. As long as you possess enough of these key pieces, you can access all your crypto.

Gridlock automates the process of splitting an encryption key into tiny passwords and distributing them to friends. We also actively monitor the network, promptly notifying you if a friend loses their piece so that you can provide a replacement. It's easy, safe, and stress-free when you use a grid of devices to lock your crypto.

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