Getting Started

Introducing Gridlock, the mobile wallet that prioritizes your crypto and NFT security with its cutting-edge key-splitting technology. Your assets have never been safer! Follow these steps to embark on your journey with Gridlock:


Download Gridlock for Android and iOS here.


Our team is here to help. The best way to reach us is through our Discord community. Alternatively, you can email us at

Sign up

Gridlock is a non-custodial wallet, which means you have full ownership and control. An account is necessary to store select encryption key pieces on Gridlock servers, ensuring your crypto's safety. We never retain enough to own or control your assets, but enough to enhance security.


Guardians are paramount in Gridlock's framework. Set them up immediately during signing up to safeguard your crypto. Learn more about the significance and role of guardians here.

To ensure maximum security, invite two trusted friends or family members as your guardians. By distributing parts of your private key among them, it remains decentralized and inaccessible to outsiders. Guardians also offer assistance with account recovery, further bolstering the protection of your assets.

  1. Press Add Social Guardians.

2. Send the setup link by pressing Invite friends. The link directs them to download or open the Gridlock app.

3. With two guardians in place, your network of five becomes complete and your crypto has never been safer!

Transactions and Storage

Gridlock gives you control and custody over your crypto and NFTs. See how easy it is on Transactions.

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