Getting Started

Gridlock is a crypto and NFT wallet for your mobile which uses key-splitting tech for unrivalled security. Your assets have never been safer. Follow these steps to begin your journey with Gridlock!


Download Gridlock for Android and iOS here.


Continue reading for more support information. If you have any questions, the team is happy to help.
Your best method is to contact us in our Discord community.
You can also email us at [email protected]

Sign up

Create your Gridlock account to begin storing Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Solana and NFTs easily and securely. We use accounts, but cover all the potential flaws in account security. The only reasons we use accounts is to make your experience a personal one and to provide even more security than a normal crypto wallet.


Guardians are the most important part of Gridlock. Set them up as soon as you sign up to keep your crypto safe. Read what guardians do and why they are so important here.
Invite 2 friends or family members you trust to be your guardians. They hold parts of your private key so that it is never in one location or accessible by anyone. Guardians also help you with account recovery.
Guardians are vital to your wallet's security.
  1. 1.
    Press Add Guardian.
2. Send the setup link by pressing Share, or show them the QR code. The link directs them to download or open the Gridlock app.
3. From here, they are shown a few images and should sign up to help if the worst should happen. Reassure them that we will only ever contact them in an emergency. After signing up, they are automatically added as your guardian. With 2 guardians, your network of 5 is complete and your crypto has never been safer!

Transactions and Storage

Gridlock gives you control and custody over your crypto and NFTs. See how easy it is on Transactions.​