Threshold Signatures
We use Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) technology to split private keys into many different pieces and store those pieces on different devices around the world.
This solution has the combined security of all devices, and dramatically reduces the risk of a compromised account.
Once the key has been divided into shares, we store the individual pieces in different places to create a grid of interconnected storage. This distribution slows down any malicious attackers, as they would need to break into multiple locations to access the key.
TSS is a t-of-n threshold technology which means you can create any number of pieces (n) and set any threshold (t). Your assets are safe and 100% recoverable, as long as you can meet your predefined threshold of storage devices. Our recommended setup is 3-of-5, which is more than enough to secure your assets.
Gridlock’s TSS technology is based on mathematics, not a specific cryptocurrency, which means it can support any kind of ECDSA cryptocurrency. Other solutions, like multisig, only work for limited cryptocurrencies and are not as efficient as TSS.
Last modified 1mo ago
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