Distributed Key Generation
Our key splitting process is better than ordinary splitting, such as Verifiable Secret Sharing (VSS) or Shamir Secret Sharing. Instead, we use Distributed Key Generation (DKG) for ultimate security and privacy.
VSS starts with a "dealer" who generates a secret key and then distributes parts of that key to multiple devices. The problem with this system is that the full key is available in one place for both generation and signing. Even if the key is only held for a short time and you fully trust the device it's still not a bulletproof system.
If the device was already compromised, you wouldn't know. You also cannot be certain the key was deleted after creation.
This kind of uncertainty is unhelpful when trying to safeguard your valuable assets.
Distributed Key Generation is a multi-party computation protocol, meaning a key is generated between all of the devices virtually. Your critically important secret key is never held by any single device. We eliminate the risks involved in any original form of key splitting.
Last modified 1mo ago
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