App FAQs

What happens if I'm locked out of my account?

Ask your device holders to verify your identity to quickly get back into your account. All they have to do is invite you back into your network! See Key Regeneration​

How do I get my assets into my vault?

You can either buy or transfer crypto to your Gridlock wallet. See Transactions​

Can I use Gridlock to buy and sell Cryptocurrency?

Yes, check it out here.

How do I set up my Guardians?

Share the generated link through the Gridlock app, or show the QR code to a friend, and have them download the app if they do not have it. This will automatically assign them as one of your Guardians. You can read more about this process here.

What do I do if I don't have 2 Guardians?

You can set up Guardian nodes on any other personal device you own. This is not recommended due to combined liability of your personal belongings, but if you feel like you could manage this; by all means, use your own devices!

What happens to my assets if Gridlock shuts down?

In the unlikely event that Gridlock's Guardians go down, there is the Eject Feature, which allows you to access your vault and transfer assets elsewhere. This works by combining you and your Guardians' key shares, creating a 3/5; and the full key can be rebuilt from this.

Can Gridlock prevent me from accessing my money?

Gridlock will never prevent you from accessing your money. You and only you have control of this.

Who controls my cryptocurrency?

The sole entity who controls your cryptocurrency is YOU. Gridlock provides a vault that only you can access and control.

Can my Guardians access or steal my money?

No. Only you can access your cryptocurrency from your device exclusively.

So, if the app requires 3 keys to be online for me to access my vault, does this mean my Guardians need to open the app?

No, with 3 Guardian nodes online you can access your vault. Gridlock is always online and holds 2 keys while you hold 1. However, if Gridlock is down for maintenance for example, your other 2 Guardians will be online as long as their device has connected to WiFi and you can access your vault.

Is Gridlock always running in the background?

Gridlock relies on silent push notifications to wake the app up, and this applies to both you and your Guardians. This is how we ensure your Guardians remain online when you need them.

Why is it important to verify my email?

Verifying your email address is essential in Gridlock's distributed keys system if you want to keep your crypto secure and accessible. Key splitting keeps your key private and unreachable. You only need 3 out of 5 guardian devices to be safe, which is usually you (1) and guardians (2) as we don’t control your wallet, we only provide storage and monitoring. So, if you ever need your keys for the purpose of recovery, we must confirm that it is you who is requesting them, and the only way to do so is via email.
Last modified 7mo ago