Lost your phone? We've got you covered. As your guardian, a trusted friend can invite you back to your network. This new form of recovery is called Social Verification.
Guardians help you get your account back when you have lost or changed your device. You can get back into your wallet by communicating with your Guardians to invite you from their app.
Here's how it works:
On opening the app on a new phone, hit 'I already have an account'. You will be prompted to communicate with your guardians to get you back in. Message them or see them so they can provide you with a recovery link!
Your guardians will have to go to their Protecting tab and click on your profile. From here they tap Recover, where they go directly into sending you a unique link that you have to open with the device you are wanting to make primary.
Open both links, and then you will regain access! Easy, secure and quick.
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